Tradition, quality, service and flexibility

From the outset, the Tero family has been committed to the quality of our products, which is why we pay particular attention to every phase of the production process, from breeding and raising our animals through to the slaughtering and butchering process. We use a genetic selection process to ensure we raise top-quality pigs from the Duroc breed, which roam in freedom in peaceful, natural surroundings.

The animals are fattened on our own farms following strict hygiene and quality criteria. All the animals are under constant medical supervision and eat a balanced, high-quality diet to ensure the meat has a high level of fat marbling yet a low level of unsaturated fats. This results in meat with a unique colour and texture, a much milder flavour and excellent nutritional and health-giving properties.

However, we know that having a good product is not necessarily synonymous with success, which is why the Tero family puts the same emphasis on customer service, approachability, flexibility and availability as it does on the quality of our products.

Our production system means we can take a personalized approach to every client, looking after their individual needs and delivering production runs with very different capacities in the shortest possible time.

Pigs fed on almonds

At Masia Tero we breed pigs that are our from our own Masia Tero stock based on a high quality Duroc breed of pigs, bred in a slow and relaxed manner, with a very meticulous and progressively improved genetic selection that offers the perfect meat texture and juiciness, combined with a 100% natural feed based on crushed almonds and hazelnuts which produces top quality meats with a low index of saturated fats and a high level of infiltrated healthy unsaturated fats high in Omega 3.

Mission, vision, values


Our mission at Familia Tero is to offer balanced, healthy, nutritious, tasty consumer solutions and dishes that are free of preservatives and colourings, always with a common denominator: complete client satisfaction.


At Familia Tero we strive to become a reference in the production of bio-meat, Iberian pork and our own Duroc breed by making products tailored to the needs of the client, without using preservatives or colourings and made from natural, fresh and first class ingredients.


The values of Familia Tero represent the character of the family members, which translates into an outstanding company with an innovate character that offers compromise and honesty both to our clients and to our suppliers – with professional treatment, capacity to adapt and versatility.