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Masia Tero Bio is a range of products with local organic origin. Pigs are reared in ecological and camping system, certified by CCPAE, wherefore grow in areas where they can develop freely.

Coming from our farms, we can enjoy the exclusive variety “de pagès”. An excellent product from a careful genetic selection and reared with an exclusive almond-based diet.

Our Masia Tero Blanc range is the result of a meticulous selection of pigs with the highest quality standards, enhancing proximity raw material. Always cut up according to our traditional process.

From the best pigs of Duroc breed we obtain our Masia Tero Duroc range. After a meticulous fattening stage, we process the pigs in our slaughterhouse following an artisanal proceeding that gives them the flavour and tenderness that characterises them.

Following the traditional local cutting we offer the best range of Iberian products that fit the needs and tastes of the consumer. In addition, being bred and cut in proximity Masia Tero Ibérico comes to the market at its best moment to be consumed. All, following a careful traceability and certification process.


Our family’s roots trace back to agriculture over 8 generations ago. In 1958, Mateu and Rosa, with the aim of diversifying and strengthening family production, began integrating livestock into the family home in our village, Juneda.

Juneda is a village nestled in Les Garrigues region, a place of people committed to what we do, with intense fog, chilly winters, and exceptional agro-livestock productions. Its exquisite oil, excellent fruit, nuts, forage, and cereals allow us to offer high-quality food, directly from the producer and with complete trust.

Our goal is the complete satisfaction of the customer, providing them with everything we have cultivated for years – a km0, healthy, and absolutely trustworthy production – now in current formats and presentations, always with respect and loyalty to our origins, and committed to the environment in which we live and coexist.

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At Masia Tero, we have a strong commitment to quality, taking care of every phase of our production process to always offer the best products.

Locally sourced product raised on carefully in selected farms that meet our rigorous quality controls.

Genetic selection that allows us to obtain a tenderer and more flavorful meat.

Control over the growth process and feeding of our litters.

In our slaughterhouse, we carefully butcher females and castrated males, always meeting the highest quality standards of Animal Welfare certification.

In this way, our products have a distinct color and texture, with a mild flavor and high nutritional value.

And since customer satisfaction is our main objective, our production system allows us to offer each person a personalized product that meets their needs.