Behold a ham that has been elaborated with care and dedication

At Familia Tero we believe in a quality product that the end client can also enjoy in their home. That is why we pay utmost attention to all the different production stages: birth of the suckling pigs, genetics, growth, feed, slaughter and curing.

To obtain the very best hams, we carry out a genetic selection of our animals that allows us to breed our own Masia Tero pig, based on a high-quality Duroc breed of pig, that is reared in freedom in a natural and tranquil environment.

We pay special attention to what we feed our animals, by using an almond-based feed to achieve a unique taste and aroma, resulting in a top-quality ham with a low level of saturated fats and a high level of infiltrated fat.

Hams from our animals:
• Ham on the bone
• Boneless ham centres
• Masia Tero Ham shoulder
• Masia Tero Boneless Ham shoulder
• Masia Tero Iberian Hams (natural feed and acorn-fed)
• Masia Tero Boneless Iberian Hams (natural feed and acorn-fed)